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Colton Duty

Agent in Charge

As an experienced insurance agency owner, I have had many years of experience insuring homes in the Arkansas area.  My role at We Insure Alliance is to run the day-to-day operations and to dedicate my expertise to helping our customers find the best insurance solutions.  At We Insure Alliance, our team can search all insurance partners to find more options for our customers and more savings.      

Besides operating We Insure Alliance, I am active in the local community.  I am a neighbor and an advocate for giving back to the community. I serve as the
vice president of West Village Little Rock, a nonprofit merchant organization, and vice president of BNI Referral Central.
Whether you are buying a home or want to see what comparison shopping can save you, I would love to offer my support and service to help. 

We Insure Alliance can shop insurance for everything you rent or own including your home, auto, business and more.  We are dedicated to helping our customers find insurance uniquely designed to fit their needs.  We invite you to contact us.